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If you unusually start training yourself with Health Hoop, you may have some bruise or pain around the waist in just a few minutes.
In this case, you'd better wear somewhat thick training clothes and exercise, lower in strength than before.

Such bruise or pain is a temporary phenomenon of physiological adaption to the exercise. It may lasts 2 to 3, or sometimes 7 to 10 days. The phenomenon is removed if you repeat the exercise. Since then, rather, you may feel very fine with effects of finger pressing and massaging.

But if the phenomenon continues moderately, you should receive a medical examination or exercise load test to know whether you are physically abnormal or not. Previous cases show that in some time,
ordinary healthy people feel their firstly experienced exercise with Health Hoop rather very low.

As a final step after the exercise, you have to soothe your breath while revolving Helath Hoop at a low speed or stretch arms and legs, relaxing your body. This final step is necessary for stabilizing and restoring physiological functions much influenced by the exercise.
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