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If it is possible to take off flesh pushed beyond the waist band....
Abdominal obesity means a physical status in which the body fat is intensively accumulated around the waist and the abdomen while arms and legs are still thin.

Irregular meals, drinking, smoking and insufficient exercise are main causes of abdominal obesity. Abdominal obesity can directly and indirectly cuase lifestyle-related diseases such as diabetes,hyperlipidemia, arteriosclerosis, apoplexy and heart disease. It is even more dangerous than general obesity whose measure is body weight.By the way, what standards are applied to determine whether a person is obese in the abdomen or not?

According to obesity clinic professionals, men whose waist measure is 90cm(35 inches) or over and women, 80cm(31 inches) or over are judged having abdominal obesity.

Visceral fat and 'hypodermic fat' are two main styles of abdominal obesity. Men tend to have fat accumulated into the viscera. While women are likely to have hypodermic fat accumulated into body parts such as the hip, resulting in a figure like a Western pear.

Relevant experts advise that the risk of cardiovascular diseases are more related with the former fat than the latter.

There are several life guidelines to remove or prevent abdominal obesity. First of all, you always have to eat in a prescribed amount at a specific time. Binge eating and overeating are all main causes of the fat abdomen. Among many ways of resolving such physical problem. Health Hoop Exercise can be regarded most effective. If you train yourself with Health Hoop between 30 minutes and an hour everyday, you would soon meet your body which are balanced, elastic and attractive without any abdominal obesity. Moving all fat parts of the body while dancing during the exercise will be most effective in making your physical figure as you really want.

1. Don't exercise intermittently.

If you keep exercising with Health Hoop for 10 minutes and taking a break for 5 minutes, it would not be effective. The purpose of exercise for diet is to burn out the fat. Fat combustion does not begin until exercise continues for 20 minutes or over. Exercise for just 10 minutes and then a break will result in the combustion of sugar only, not fat. Therefore, you should keep patience in training with Health Hoop for 20 minutes or over.

2. Water Drinking During Exercise...

Some people do not drink water during and even after exercise, saying "I'm thirsty,... but I must endure because water will make me gain a weight". When you feel thirsty, you must be provided with water. You only have to drink too much or take caloric drinks. It is useless to remove moisture from the body to lose weight. The problem lies in the body fat. Please be sure to drink water during and after exercise.

3. Do you Exercise Only on Weekends, Not on Busy Weekdays?

Having no time for exercise in weekdays.... Repeat exercise within 2 days from the last session. If not, you would not enjoy the effect of losing your weight. To be helpful to losing weight or keeping the body slimy, exercise is required at least 2 0r 3 times a week. If you really want to lose your wait, don't forget to train yourself at least 5 times or more a week.

4. Don't Be Starved While Exercise...

Do you think that fat will be burned off at a higher rate when you exercise while starved?" When to you exercise is very critical. If you exercise when you're hungry before meal, you would feel powerless and could not exercise for a long time. When the session is finished, you are more likely to eat too much because of hunger. If you exercise while you're full, you may face a stomachache during the training. It is most desirable that you start exercise after things you ate are considerably digested.

5. Don't Devote Yourself All to Exercise...

If you are determined to do exercise for diet, it is better to last the session over a long period rather than devoting yourself all to it. Exercise which is high in strength may reduce sugar more dramatically than fat, rather promoting the appetite. Sustaining a moderate strength of exercise is the best practice for diet. Health Hoop Exercise is the most effective aerobic exercise. Dance to music while enjoying the exercise. In 30 minutes or an hour, you will be surprised at a dramatic combustion in the body fat, resultantly making your body slimy and balanced and strengthen your intestines, getting away with constipation, if any.

If you unusually start training yourself with Health Hoop, you may have some bruise or pain around the waist in just a few minutes.
In this case, you'd better wear somewhat thick training clothes and exercise, lower in strength than before.

Such bruise or pain is a temporary phenomenon of physiological adaption to the exercise. It may lasts 2 to 3, or sometimes 7 to 10 days. The phenomenon is removed if you repeat the exercise. Since then, rather, you may feel very fine with effects of finger pressing and massaging.

But if the phenomenon continues moderately, you should receive a medical examination or exercise load test to know whether you are physically abnormal or not. Previous cases show that in some time,
ordinary healthy people feel their firstly experienced exercise with Health Hoop rather very low.

As a final step after the exercise, you have to soothe your breath while revolving Helath Hoop at a low speed or stretch arms and legs, relaxing your body. This final step is necessary for stabilizing and restoring physiological functions much influenced by the exercise.
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