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① Stand with one's feet at shoulder width, and slightly bend your knees   ② Hold Health Hoop with your both hands and keep it horizontally. Note! Do not hold the hoop in tilted way.   ③ Put Health Hoop on the surface of your back. Note! Do not put Health Hoop on too high
④ First spin is quite important.
Turn your body to one way, holding Health Hoop in your hands.
Note! Grasp Health Hoop on your hands.
  ⑤ ¢º Spin the Health Hoop powerfully, turning your body to opposite side with spinning way. Be careful not to make the Health Hoop fall down by spinning it rhythmically.
Note! Do not spin it in tilted way

For more effective method of exercise, if you exercise as dancing with music and waving both hands lightly to the left and right, the front and back, the top and down, you could enjoy the whole body exercise with a lot of quantity ot motion.

While watching TV or listening music every day habitually, if you exercise for between over 20 minutes and 1 hour, you could have an effect on weight loss, maintain balancing your shape and enjoy a healthy and elastic life.
Exercise for the Entire body
Note: Follow these motions accutately and slowly.
Knees Exericse
Note: Keep the posture as shown No.3 for 2 Seconds. Do not stand up immediately after taking the posture.
  Stretching the Upper Body
Note : When you pose like in No.2 or No.3, Slowly stretch your body for 2 seconds.
Exercise for the Arms, and Legs
Note: Outstretch your arms backwards while bending your knees.
1. At first exercise, you may get bruises on your abdomen and feel little pain or itchiness for acupressure and massage
These happen temporarily. You can alleviate the pain by wearing thicker sportswear during exercising. Soon you will be able to exercise interestingly.

2. Please get sufficient space for exercising to protect children and objects around the hoop and watch out for accidents or damage of goods.

3. Please do not use in case of following.
Pregnant women, old and the infirm, or anyone suffering from back pain.
Anyone who needs a doctor's advice for other diseases

4. If you are a beginner, please be careful not to hurt the top of your feet. Also, stop using if you think that it is immoderate to your own body, and if your lower back is especially weak.

5. Please do not wear knitwear for avoiding damage during exercising.

6. Do not use it for purposes other than exercise.
1. Warning! To be used under the direct supervision of an adult.

2. Warning! Not suitable for children under seven years

3. Warning! Do not use near fire or flame
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